introductory textbooks

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Mon Jan 18 10:51:38 EST 1999

Joanne mentioned that she managed to get _Eros Plus Massacre_ for a class
last semester. When I tried this, I was told that only hardbacks are
available. Either there was a misunderstanding, or Joanne snatched up the
last copies! 

When I use Anderson/Richie, I treat the text in the same way as Joanne.
It's useful as an example of Red Scare criticism (the treatments of Kamei
and Imai would be funny if it weren't such a serious matter), and the newer
essays in the back help students see how historical constructions undergo
revision. I might also add that the book itself is important in the larger
scheme of film studies, considering it was one of the first major studies
under the rubric of national cinema study.


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