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stephen cremin asianfilmlibrary
Sat Jan 23 16:56:30 EST 1999

As further penance, I wonder if Mr Geddes would mind posting a brief 
analysis of what went wrong with Golden Harvest's experiment to 
establish an Asian repertory cinema in Toronto several years ago, which 
included screenings of old Japanese films.  I think the intention was to 
roll out similar cinemas across North America if the experiment was 
successful.  Mr Geddes was the manager, brought in for his knowledge of 
what Westerners want from Asian film having published a fanzine on Asian 
film.  I should stress that I'm by no means suggesting that any fault 
lies with Mr Geddes, as the project was probably doomed from the start.  
But it does represent a pretty unique experiment in Asian film 
exhibition history and I'd love to hear Mr Geddes experiences.

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Film Library

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