John Dougill dougill
Sun Jan 24 01:36:00 EST 1999

Following a recommendation on this list - for which, thanks - I purchased
an issue of the magazine Dorama to see if it contained scripts of
television dramas.

The magazine is in fact aimed at those who want to study drama scripts in
order to write them.  In the issue I bought there was a complete script for
the first programme of Overtime.  Other articles were about suggestions for
content and endings, as well as advertisements for schools and
correspondent courses in tv drama writing.  I was surprised to see what a
flourishing business this is....

I've been told that the scripts for Shall We Dance? and The Eel are
available commercially so I will be calling by Maruzen this week to see if
I can get them.  I don't imagine English versions are available abroad, are

John Dougill

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