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Dion A. Madrilejo dmad
Mon Jan 25 10:02:50 EST 1999

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Ted Mills wrote:

> Could someone post a shortlist of recent sci-fi anime worthy of serious
> consideration. I've enjoyed Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor II, and the
> issues they raise about the concept of a city, possible futures, etc., and
> hear good things about Evangelion, but have no idea past that. Titles
> already available in the U.S. would obviously be easier to track down.

Personally, I just can't watch GITS (Ghost in the Shell) anymore since
I've seen it around 7 times by now. Titles that I can definitely recommend

-Neon Genesis Evangelion: AKA Evangelion or EVA. Near future setting. The
series starts out very light but takes a seriously dark turn about halfway
through. Exceedingly apocalyptic. ADVision has released all the TV
episodes on 13 tapes that run $30/subtitled tape. However, the revised
ending (Watch the whole thing and you'll see why it was made); End of
Evangelion, is still only available on fan-sub.
-Akira: You've probably seen this film already but it's still a classic of
cyberpunk-style anime. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
-Gundam: I have not seriously seen any of the various flavors of Gundam
(There's _a lot_ of Gundam out there) but the series itself is immensely
popular. Heavy on the mecha, just so you know. Only available through as far as I know.
-Key, the Metal Idol: Already recommended but I threw it in here anyway.
Haven't seen the whole thing yet but definitely very good. Released in the
US by VizVideo.
-Serial Experiments Lain: I have not seen this series but it looks rather
interesting although also exceedingly 'weird'. Not commercially released
in the US but you may be able to find fan-subs of it.
-Nadesico: Also not available commercially in the US but you definitely
can get fan-subs of it. Starts out seriously comedic but along the way
turns serious. Probably not what you're looking for but it's still a nice
series to watch.

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