censorship in translations (was: anime recommendations wanted)

Mark Schilling schill
Mon Jan 25 21:17:04 EST 1999

From: Mark Schilling <schill at gol.com>
To: KineJapan at lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
Re: Censorship in translations

Olivier writes:

After watching the subtitled version of Mononoke Hime, I couldn't help but
wonder if Disney wouldn't censor the arm-ripping scene that happens in the
first few minutes of the movie...

Disney is not going to censor any of Mononoke Hime, including the infamous
arm-ripping scene. Miyazaki made that a condition of the film being
distributed in the States by Disney subsidiary Miramax. That, of course,
makes it less likely that the film will get a G rating, usually considered
de rigeur for mass market animation,  but it's not really a film for
under-twelves anyway.

Mark Schilling

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