Lori Hitchcock lohitchc
Tue Jan 26 09:49:26 EST 1999

If you are in the Kansai area, have you tried the top floor of Asahiya
Bookstore at Umeda (upstairs from Higashi Umeda subway station)?  They
keep back copies of "Scenario" magazine that may
have what you're looking for (for example, the Aug. 96 edition had the
script of "Kids Return," and I bought it in mid 97 there). In
addition, they tend to keep film/drama novelizations and scripts fairly up
to date.

Lori Hitchcock

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, John Dougill wrote:

> I've been to my local Maruzen store here in Kyoto, and the only film or
> drama script they had was last autumn's big tv hit 'Nemureru Mori' (A
> Sleeping forest).  For 'Shall We Dance?' they only had the novelised
> version of the film.
> I've got information now that the scripts of 'Unagi' and 'Shall We Dance?'
> are available in something called Nenkan Daihyou Shenario Shuu (Unagi in 97
> nen ban and Shall We Dance?  in 96 nen kan).  Not sure how to order these
> yet.....
> Does anyone know how to get a copy of the script for the ever popular
> dorama'Long Vacation'?
> Regards
> John Dougill
> Kyoto

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