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Apologies for cross-posting:

_Iconics_, the international edition of the journal of the Japan Society 
of Image Arts and Sciences, has recently come out with its 4th issue 
(1998) featuring articles in English, French, and German on Japanese and 
world cinema, photography, and digital images.

- Old and New: Image, Indexicality and Historicity in the Digital Utopia
(Philip Rosen)
- Histoire sans passe: film et construction de temps historique
(Michele Lagny)
- Seeing Holocaust Films
(Kato Mikiro)
- Cinemaphobia in Taisho Japan: Zigomar, Delinquent Boys and Somnambulism
(Hase Masato)
- Madame de Melancholy
(Saito Ayako)
- Die eigenartige Faszination des Regisseurs Naruse Mikio
(Susanne Schermann)
- Modernism and Mythicality in the Films of Satyajit Ray
(Chidananda Dasgupta)
- Essai sur la peinture moderne et la photographie
(Nishizawa Emiko)

Price: 2000 yen, plus postage (variable by region).  

Back issues are also available: Number 1 (1987: articles by Kondo Masaki, 
Asanuma Keiji, Michel Colin, David Wills, Takeda Kiyoshi, Jacques Aumont, 
Iwamoto Kenji, Yamamoto Kikuo, Sato Tadao, Hirano Kyoko); Number 2 (1992: 
Dudley Andrew, Jacques Gerstenkorn, Yabu Toru, Nada Hisashi, Susanne 
Schermann, Gideon Avivi, Hamaguchi Koichi, Koga Futoshi, Kitano Keisuke); 
Number 3 (1994: Marc Vernet, John Belton, Nada Hisashi, A. A. Gerow, Yuji 
Oniki, Usami Shozo).

Payment by credit card is preferred (VISA, Master Card, DC), so inform 
the JASIAS office of the issues and number of copies desired and a credit 
card payment form will be sent.  Libraries and institutions interested in 
_Iconics_ and _Eizogaku_ (ISSN 0286-0279), the Japanese domestic edition  
of the journal of the JASIAS, can order through Japan Publications 
Trading (JPT).  

Contact: Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, c/o Department of 
Film, College of Art, Nihon University, 2-42-1 Asahigaoka, Nerima-ku, 
Tokyo 176-8525, Japan.  Fax: 81-3-5995-8209.

Aaron Gerow
Chair, Editorial Board

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