Jeremy Roland Robinson jrrobins
Wed Jan 27 10:02:48 EST 1999

Ms. Suzuki,

The program your friend is talking about is indeed _Fuun_Takeshijo_.
According to the "Chokyu Baraeti Kenkyujo", it began its run in May,
1986 on TBS. More fun information at:

Jeremy Robinson

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999 Marie_Suzuki at wrote:

> Hello listmembers:
> I hope someone on the list could help me with a question regarding Japanese
> TV "variety show".  Does anyone know what the program described below was
> and which network showed it?  It might have been "Fu-un Takeshi-jo", but I
> am not sure.  Any tip will be most appreciated!
> > About 10 years ago on Japanese Television there was a show called
> (English
> > translation), 'KING OF THE MOUNTAIN."
> >  Ido not know what it was called in Japanese. I am hoping you remember
> it, or
> > someone you know remembers it. I have seen the show in Japanese and it
> was
> > very funny. People played games, like they were dressed up as bowling
> pins,
> > and a big stryrofoam ball was rolled into them to knock them down. They
> ran
> > obstacle courses. And there were several contests over water where they
> > usually fell in. It was harmless and fun. Later, an American network
> tried to
> > copy the show, at least made a pilot called, KING OF THE HILL, or, KING
> > MOUNTAIN. It was not funny.
> Marie Suzuki

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