tetsuo[& II]

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Fri Jul 23 09:19:19 EDT 1999

my girlfriend gave me tetsuo ii
for my birthday, yesterday, and
  must say that it was nothing
like   expected.

so many people have said that
they like _tetsuo_ better than
the second one, or _tetsuo ii_
better than the first; however,
  can not see any basis for
comparison between the two.

each one had positive and negative
aspects, and they were so very
different that they can't be

in regards to _tetsuo ii_:

the soundtrack started out much
like the original[which was a
wonderful accompanyment to the
film], but soon changed over to
almost cheesy 70's car chase music
when tomoo was chasing after his
son.  is there any particular reason
chu ishikawa chose that style of
music[used throughout the whole film]?

something   noticed and liked quite
a bit about _tetsuo ii_ was the lack of
tripod to stablize the camera.  it made
me feel as if   were with them looking
on; spinning around when gunshots were
heard behind me, etc.

and a number of the camera angles reminded
me of the film _angel dust_[1993(?)].
who directed _angel dust_?


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