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If you're not interested in Sachiyo Nomura, please skip 
this news mail.  Since the news mail could make you feel 
unpleasant, you'd better avoid reading unless you're 
patient.  Ken (me) and Mainichi Daily News do not 
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brief description of Sachiyo Nomura bashing by the press:
As you may know, since 3 months ago,
Sachiyo Nomura (aka Sachi), a 67-year-old arrogant woman TV personality 
and wife of Katsuya Nomura, has been criticized by the media for 
her rude behaviors and a lie.  Many entertaiment news programs feature
the arrogant woman almost everyday, and are investigating what she has 
been doing during the past few years.

Sachiyo Nomura has been criticized in several points:
-- Vainglorious woman Nomura told a lie when runing in the 1996 House of
Representatives election.  She insists she graduated from Columbia University 
in the United States about 45 years ago, but many people believe it's
highly doubtful.
-- Nomura hasn't returned money she has to pay yet.  A travel agency
staff asked her to pay the money, but she still ignores it.
-- Nomura carelessly described clebrity actress Mitsuyo Asaka as a person
who won fame for the name of Sachiyo Nomura.  Asaka got very angry, 
and filed a complaint to The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office (see 
-- Nomura carelessly described ex-Olympic figure skater Emi Watanabe as
an ugly pig woman.  The former figure skater is very angry now.
-- Actress Hanako Tokachi pointed out she was given a card in the 1996
election, adding Nomura wrote there wrong educational background.
Tokachi wanted to file a complaint to a prosecutors office to accuse 
Nomura of telling a lie, but gave up doing it because a lawyer advised
Tokachi not to do it in order to avoid being involved in a big trouble.
-- Nomura beated and bullied boys of her baseball team, and even 
beating their parents.

To our great surprise, Nomura released on July 20 a rap-oriented new
CD single titled "Such a Beautiful Woman."  In this song, she insists,
"Everyone has to follow social rules." and  "I don't mind if it's a pig
or something."  When hearing the song, Emi Watanabe, the TV personality
described as a pig, lost her words.  For more, see below.

               Data Source: Mainichi Daily News
                         July 23, 1999
                    (c) Mainichi Shimbun
                   Entered manually by Ken
    Prosecutors have accepted a complaint filed by actress Mitsuyo
Asaka against television personality Sachiyo Nomura on suspision
of violation of the Public Offices Election Law by falsifying
her educational background, Asaka official said.
    The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office told a lawyer for
Asaka on Wednesday that they accepted the complaint.
    Asaka is ready to coorporate if requested to by prosecutors.
    Asaka alleges that Nomura falsely stated she studied at
Columbia University in the United States, when she ran in the 1996
House of Representatives election on a ticket for the now-defunct

Shinshin-to = a policitians party

[reference article on Sachiyo Nomura]
In order to understand the background of the Sachiyo Nomura bashing,
you need to read the article shown below.
               Data Source: Mainichi Daily News
                         May 30, 1999
                    (c) Mainichi Shimbun
                  written by Michael Hoffman
        downloaded by Ken-chan from a pay-database of NIFTY-Serve

 67   05/31 13:06 WAIWAI

    Face of the Weeklies
    If you had chanced to drop into a certain Osaka sushi restaurant 
during the early evening of May 15, you would have seen, says Shukan 
Gendai (6/5), a well-dressed elderly woman sitting at the counter and 
directing passionate imprecations at the TV screen. The broadcast was 
a baseball game, Chunichi Dragons vs. Hanshin Tigers. "Go, go!" she 
cried when the Tigers were at bat. "Damn!" she muttered whenever 
Chunichi scored a run, her face turning positively frightening in 
its anger.
    Meet (though surely you already have) Sachiyo Nomura, wife of 
Tigers manager Katsuya Nomura -- which domestic detail is only a 
very small part of her notoriety.
    Who is Sachiyo Nomura? Lecturer, actress, personality -- better 
ask who she is not, for of late she is, at 67, ubiquitous, spoken of
when not seen, bashed when not bashing. You don't like her? She can 
live with that. "I am the notorious Sachiyo Nomura," was how she 
introduced herself at a recent lecture, according to Shukan Taishu (6/7). 
The audience ate it up. Her schedule is booked till autumn. No sooner 
does one sponsor drop her like a hot potato than another one picks her 
up like a diamond in the rough.
    It's all trivia, huffs Shukan Post (6/4), nonetheless devoting 
a page and a half to "Sachi." Her enemies call her a bully and a 
loudmouth. Those and similar epithets have swirled about her since 
actress Mitsuyo Asaka, with whom Nomura was to appear in a historical 
TV drama series last year, bowed out of the project, publicly 
complaining that her co-star was impossible to work with. Was that 
the first episode of "Sachi-bashing"? Not really. That just got it 
onto the TV Waido shows. The subterranean grumbling has been there 
all along. Shukan Gendai quotes a Hanshin Tigers source as saying 
that when it comes to team management, "She does the talking, while 
her husband goes 'Mm, right.' "
    For the famous, hatred is a kind of love. A TBS program on which 
Sachiyo is a regular panelist maintains audience ratings in the 15 
percent range. At the latest outburst of Sachi-bashing, over her 
abrupt cancellation on May 16 of a scheduled phone-in appearance 
on a TV show hosted by moderator Akiko Wada, TBS was inundated, 
says Shukan Taishu, with 6,000 phone calls saying, in effect, Leave 
Sachiyo Alone!
    Bet on it that that's exactly what they will do. (MH)
[Mainichi Daily News/May 30]


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