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Abe-Nornes amnornes
Sun Jul 4 14:13:25 EDT 1999

I second the wish to have people post news about publications, and if you
can include bibliographic data we can add it to the Kinema Club database.
And don't feel any shame about including your own stuff. It's not
self-serving; we need to know!

Actually, I mentioned the Hosokawa book several months ago, and have
finally read much of it. This is exactly the kind of look at regional
reception contexts that I was talking about a few Kinejapan's ago. Hosokawa
writes about the importation of both the equipment and the prints, about
the regional inflection benshi gave setsumei by mixing Japanese and local
languages, about efforts at Japanese film _production_ in Brazil, and the
more recent visits by Japanese stars. It's a fascinating book. 

I'll also mention a couple new publications of mine:

Abe' Mark Nornes. "Poru Ruta/Paul Rotha and the Politics of Translation,"
Cinema Journal 38. 3 (Spring 1999): 91-108. [About the competing
translations of the Rotha Documentary Film book around the time of the Film
Law. In addition to the published translations, I analyze translations that
circulated as hand-written manuscripts within Toho studio, and a version of
the first Japanese edition I stumbled over in Kimoto Shoten in which
someone went through every single line of the book and corrected every

Abe' Mark Nornes. "For an Abusive Subtitling," Film Quarterly 52.3 (Spring
1999): 17-34. [Starting with the history of subtitling in America and Japan
and how it has changed over the years, I theorize this unique form of
translation and call for a new approach that's hinted at in the fan subbing
of American anime clubs.]


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