Ring and Odoru

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Sun Jul 4 07:40:52 EDT 1999

Fuji TV made a subtitled print of "Odoru Daisosasen", now titled "Bayside 
Shakedown", at the beginning of the year which received its "world premiere" 
during the market at Cannes.  Pony Canyon are now handling international 
sales and festivals.  So, contact Sakoda-san.  I recently heard the asking 
price for the Korean rights to the film, which made my jaw drop.  Derek 
Elley reviewed it at Cannes for "Variety", making the front page of the 
review section until Disney's "Tarzan" bumped it off at the last moment  As 
far as I'm aware, it hasn't screened since Cannes, making the official 
"world premiere" still up for grabs.  (Not sure what the California 
screening was.)

I asked producer Kawaii Shinya about subtitled prints of "the Ring" late 
last year.  He was pretty sure there wasn't one.  But I think it may have 
played at a fantastic film festival in Brussels recently.  Contact 
Asmik-Ace.  Apparently the Hong Kong print - unusually - didn't have English 
subtitles.  There is a subtitled print of "Ring 2" and apparently it pretty 
much works without demanding the audience see the earlier parts.  (And 
interesting to note how successful "Ring 2" is in HK compared to "Rasen".  A 
case of bad marketing?)

Stephen Cremin
Director, London Pan-Asian Film Festival

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