Auteur theory

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Sat Jul 3 16:33:56 EDT 1999

>Are you saying that the auteur theory itself excludes everything but the 
>feature film director, or that some approaches considered "auteur" do? 

I was referring to "auteurism" as it is practiced pretty much everywhere
outside of film theory itself, a conception of authorship that locates
inspiration for a text in the genius of an individual (amost invariably the
director). And I was also referring to the typical approaches of film
programmers, who think of "women in film" only in terms of women
directors...or occassionally actors or films that feature women's

There are so many other places to look! It's a rare programmer that shows
the brilliance of the graduate students at University of Chicago, who chose
cinematographer Tamura Masaki to think through issues of postwar politics,
art and activism. This was one of the most inspired bits of Japanese film
programming I've seen in a long time. (About the only other place that
shows such ambition and intelligence is the Japan Society.) 


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