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Thank you for all your useful comments about the Kinemajumpo's data base.
The Kinemajumpo books I find extremely helpful are the
DIRECTORS/ACTORS/ACTRESSES collection. Do you know if these were put on CD
rom as well ?
Also, I'd like to ask your opinion about Kinemajumpo's website. When I
started getting internet connection, that is not a very long time ago..., I
tried to visit their site, hoping it would be a great source of information.
I was surprised to see a page containing the list of content of a paper
issue dated 1998. The URL I used is
Maybe there is another URL ? I also heard that it had stopped.
Is anyone knows more about it, I would greatly apreciate your information.
Best regards
Valerie Dhiver
>From: Aaron Gerow <gerow at>
>To: "KineJapan" <KineJapan at>
>Subject: Buddhism and KineJun database (E+J)
>Date: Thu, 8 Jul 99 14:27:03 +0900
>Trying to think of more films for Birgit's inquiry (and coming up with 
>_Shaka_, another Daiei/Nagata produced big-budget spectacular), I did a 
>free-word search on the Kinema Junpo Database for Japanese films using 
>the word "bukkyo."  This turned up 21 films that had that word in their 
>plot summaries or other data catagories (which doesn't necessarily mean 
>the film itself contains that much about Buddhism).  The Miyazawa Kenji 
>biopics are a good thing to look at. 
>iA?LjCOCA??CAA?LCA?e?CE^AA?a at aA?aA?ai`JC?e^AA?aCA?Ci`A?|eA?LuA
>e^eIA?LaAA?a at i^iA?LCA?e?i`E?OE
>eA?LA?ECA?e?iA?LaA?LaA?NA?eCE??C?AA?a at CA?o`C?CAA?La_a^AA
>iA?LE??iA?NA??aLo`^a^fa^E^AA?a at i`AEoA?Le^CAEA?LxEA?LgEA?LiEA
?LVaA?Nwe`piA?LTaA?auA?NaLo`^AA?a at EA?LJEA?La^EA?LREA?LaEA?LAA?N
>a{A??VaA?aA?LeA?LA?aAA?a at C?CAa`A?o`
>I do recall someone (maybe Stephen) asking earlier what the database is 
>like, so I thought I'd give people my opinion.  Basically, it's a useful 
>tool, but they could have done a lot more with it.  It only includes 
>postwar Japanese film (1945-1997), mostly using the "shokai" text from 
>KineJun (in Japanese, of course).  Each film entry offers six basic 
>categories of information beyond studio, year, and length: staff/cast; 
>kaisetsu; summmary; video info; map; memo (you add your own); still 
>pictures; music; awards.  The vast majority of entries only have data for 
>the first three categories.  There is no hypertextuality for names in the 
>cast/staff section, only for films listed in the kaisetsu section (which 
>are limited to previous films of the director, screenwriter, etc.), 
>though you can highlight a name, press the search button, and come up 
>with a list with that name in it (basically a free-word search without 
>having to retype the name).  You can print out your results.  One 
>annoying thing is that for earlier films only the number of reels is 
>listed for the length.
>Searching can be done by title, name (where you specify which job), 
>combinations of titles and names, and free-word.  A search with multiple 
>hits produces a window with just the titles (sometimes dates); you click 
>on the title to get the entry window.  If you click on several titles, 
>each is given its own window so that you can work between them.
>In a separate section, called the "Cinema Collection," there is a 
>historical chronology for 1945-1997 (which is too limited), lists of top 
>BO films (ten for each year 1950-1997); stills (basically a list of the 
>311 entries with stills); music (the 10 entries with music); My Best Ten 
>(best ten lists from such critics as Yamane Sadao and Kawarabata 
>Yasushi); and film prizes (the KineJun Best Ten; Mainichi Concours; Japan 
>Academy Awards; Blue Ribbon; etc.).
>There is more to the database, but that's the essentials.  If anyone else 
>has used it, they can give their own opinions.
>Aaron Gerow
>Yokohama National University
>KineJapan list owner
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