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Sun Jul 11 13:34:39 EDT 1999

Dear Antoine,
In response to your mail, to my knowledge, the only script translated in
French is KWAIDAN (in the AVANT SCENE collection). Unfortunately, I don't
know the date of publication.
The retrospective I saw was in 1990 at the French Cinematheque. Since then,
a few video have been released in France: (see my mail of today in response
to Kyoshiron's mail). In addition there is also the NINGEN NO JOKEN integral
version (released by FIL A FILM but it may be out of distribution as I think
the company went out of business).

Also, I would advise you to read Claude BLOUIN's work. He is a French
Canadian teacher who has spent a few years in Japan in the 1970's and
dedicated one book to KOBAYASHI Masaki. The title is LE CHEMIN DETOURNE,
edited at HMH collection BRECHES in 1983. The first part is an analysis of
the themes of eroticism, death and esthetics in Japanese cinema in the
1970s. The second part of the book is a thematic analysis of Kobayashi's
In his last book, LA VILLE OU FLEURISSENT LES IMAGES (published by CINEMA
LES 400 COUPS in 1997), which is a diary of his recent stay in Japan, Claude
BLOUIN also dedicates a few pages to his last meeting with KOBAYASHI before
his death. He talks about the influence of a teacher in art history on the
I think you can find both books at the KAWAKITA INSTITUTE.
Good luck and all the best
Valerie Dhiver

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>Hello Valerie,
>I'm antoine kilian, a french speaking student actually living in Kyoto,
doing research on japanese film and specially focusing on Kobayashi
>Do you know if any of Kobayashi's scenarios have been published in french ?
(or in english ?)
>I was happy to hear that there are still a few japanese movies screened in
>au revoir, antoine.
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