collaborative generation

Maureen Donovan donovan.1
Sun Jul 11 21:25:23 EDT 1999

Mid-summer greetings to all!

> Its also a generation that seems much more into collaboration and
> cooperation than competition and territoriality, as evidenced by this
> Ganbatte.

As one of the owners of this list, I want to thank Stephen Cremin for these
nice words -- and add a personal note of appreciation for  the work of my
co-owners, Aaron and Markus, who do such a great job of fostering the list's
collaborative spirit.  Of course, I also appreciate all 329 members of the
list for participating and sharing information/expertise so generously!

Hope everyone is having a good summer -- or winter, for the folks down
under --

Maureen Donovan
Japanese Studies Librarian
Ohio State University

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