Suzuki Shigeyoshi

Joanne Bernardi jobi
Fri Jul 16 04:12:53 EDT 1999

A special presentation of Shigeyoshi Suzuki's WHAT MADE HER DO IT? (1930)
will be part of the 18th Pordenone Silent Film Festival October 9-16,
1999. This years edition will be in Sacile (only 12 km from Pordenone) as
the long-time venue Cinema Verdi in Pordenone is being demolished over the
summer. You can find out more about the festival at

This is the restored version of a print found in Moscow's Gosfilmofond
archive, which premiered in Japan a couple of years ago. It's not often
(pretty much never) that a Japanese film is featured at Pordenone, not
surprisingly given the survival statistics, so this is a happy moment for
Japanese silent film, and really worth the trip  for anyone in Europe
especially (one bonus to the festival is getting to pass through Venice).

All kinds of info on registering can be found on the web site, or email
gcm at (Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, c/o La Cineteca del
Friuli), tel:+39-0432-980458, fax: +39-0432-970542. The hotel situation,
always a problem, is even more difficult this year because of the change
in venue, and so early registration (by the end of August) is being

If anyone on the list is interested in going and has questions
about hotels in Pordenone, I can help with info on that or anything else
about the festival. A fairly intricate shuttle service from
nearby hotels to the new venue, Teatro Zancanaro in Sacile, is being
promised, and free dormitory accomodation in a dormitory belonging to the
Province of Pordenone is available for students this year as always.

Joanne Bernardi
U of Rochester
jobi at

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