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World wide web resource: Asian Film Connections
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The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: mid Jul 1999, Vol. 6, No. 89
20 Jul 1999

Asian Film Connections

Asia Pacific Media Center, Annenberg Center for Communication,
University of Southern California, USA

Self-description: "Key features of the Website include: (1) A list of
all films made in China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan from 1998 on,
including basic information such as synopses, filmmakers, cast, length,
format, and availability of prints. (2) Eight to fifteen highlighted
films and directors from each country, with detailed information and
video clips. (3) A list of all internationally awarded films of each
country from 1988 on Reviews, essays, interviews and filmographies,
plus reprints from Asia's leading film journals, such as Cinemaya and
Movie/TV Marketing. (4) Press kits and contact information. (5) Links
to other relevant websites. All entries will be eventually translated
into four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.  As more
funds become available, more Asian film cultures and languages will
be added."

URL http://www.asianfilms.org

Link suggested by: Shaoyi Sun (shaoyis at scf.usc.edu)

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Src: The Asian Studies WWW Monitor ISSN 1329-9778
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