Books in Tokyo

David Averbach averbach at
Fri Sep 10 04:31:55 EDT 1999

Tokyo Book Map is also a great resource for finding books in Tokyo. 
It costs less than 700 yen, and it lists most of the specialty book 
stores in Tokyo, not just ones on film of course, complete with 
descriptions, contact info, hours, maps and more.

Be sure to get the 1999-2000 version--I made the mistake of using the 
1997-1998 version and wandered around Ikebukuro trying to find a film 
bookstore that was no longer in existence.

Aside from the bookstores that are already listed on the KineJapan Club website
Yaguchi Shoten
Inagaki Shoten

They also list this one:
Shineshiti ("Cine City")
1 minute from Omotesando
open everyday 12-8
I haven't checked it out yet, but I hope it's not more on the pop 
side than the "substance" side.

This book also has section on subculture that looks promising.

Also, by chance, I happened to find a bookstore that had a small but 
surprisingly good section on Japanese film, including a discount on 
many books (and film scripts) from Waizu shuppan.  There were three 
books there that I had just special ordered from Kinokuniya.  Anyway, 
some books looked new, but there was almost none of that star profile 
crap that you always see.  It is way out of the way though, and I 
wouldn't make a special trip.  Check out page 115 of Tokyo Book Map. 
The store's name is 落穂舎一'館 蚤nd it is on the Seibu Ikebukuro 
line at 江古田.  They also have a 二'館 杯hat specializes in 
幻想文学, but that's only open on weekends.

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