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Wed Sep 22 15:39:43 EDT 1999

Edward Fowler wrote:

> I can't help wondering why you would want information re: Kurosawa
> with a focus on the 1990s, which is to say, the very end of his long
> career, which began in the early 1940s.  I, for one, believe that
> some of his very best work was done BEFORE _Rashomon_ (1950).  The
> significance of his early work is suggested by Stephen Prince in
> _The Warrior's Camera_, and explicated even more trenchantly by
> Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto in his forthcoming study of Kurosawa (which
> should be out by the time you teach your course).

Dear Professor Fowler:

Thank you for your reply. I am pleased to inform you that you
misunderstood me :-). Indeed, I wrote as folllows:

> I am at preliminary stages, developing the course, and would appreciate

> your input regarding inclusion of the films that will be featured,

> especially  films of the 1990s.

This question had nothing to do with Kurosawa (whose works of the 90s
I know). My course will be equally divided between Kurosawa (and I will
include his early works to be sure), and other directors of  Japanese
And so I asked (AND STILL DO!) for names of young and promising
directors of the 90s and titles of their best works. Sources for
these works would be much appreciated as well.

I admire (and own in video formats) works of Kurosawa, Ozu, Mizoguchi,
Teshigahara, Imamura, Oshima. BUT: I have not before concentrated
on Japanese cinema per se. I am familiar with books by David Richie,
yet I need your help here too:

> >  I truly need your input on text(s) for the course. I would like
> > the text to not only address the cinema itself, but also discuss how
> > Japanese cinema stems from, reflects upon and in turn creates national
> > culture.

Surely, your list can help much better than H-Film -- and I hope it
I thank you for bringing my questions to the attention of KineJapan.

I have just subscribed to KineJapan.

    Best wishes,

            Alexander Soifer

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