Re:re: Reviews

AbeNornes at AbeNornes at
Tue Sep 28 23:22:36 EDT 1999

In response to Steve, let me just say a word on what Kinema Club will look 
like for the time being. The reviews section will be broadly divied into 
three sections, one is for Aaron's reviews. Another is whatever I was able to 
pick up during a few web surfing sessions, although is terribly incomplete. 
And Mark has agreed to start putting up his reviews in a third section. 

I would love help in doing this, and if someone wanted to contribute to the 
task, the html for these sections is quite simple. 

It appears that the new version of KC will be up and running in the next 
week. We have had to rely on the good graces of Maureen Donovan for help, and 
she has been terribly busy with the new semester and her always incredibly 


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