Kyoto Film Festival

FUJII Jinshi gin
Wed Sep 29 05:59:52 EDT 1999

Abe Mark Nornes wrote:

> The other is an award for the best essay of the year on
> Japanese film history. This year it went to a young student
of Kato Mikiro's
> at Kyoto University, Itakura Fumiaki. Itakura wrote on Ito
Daisuke, using
> primary materials at the Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan which he
is helping to
> catalogue.
> Matsumoto Toshio introduced this award, and gave special
mention to
> three other writers, Kitano Keisuke on Tanizaki and film,
Misawa Mamie on
> colonial film in Taiwan, and Fujii Jinji on Naruse (Fujii is
one of the other
> students cataloguing the Ito collection).

Thank you for making mention of me and my paper, but I have
nothing to do with cataloguing the Ito collection. My friend
Fumiaki, who is also a KineJapan member, accomplished the
stupendous project all by himself.
Hey, Fumiaki! You should make some comments on your paper.

Anyway, I'd like to give thanks to members who came to the
Kyoto Film Festival as one of the committee members.

FUJII Jinshi
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