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I believe this would depend on what kind of deal the translator and English
language publisher got, so if you have a particular book in mind, contact
the publisher to find out. I would think that the original novelist (or
his/her estate) would have kept film rights, but you never know. Rights
sales can be done in any way.


>Here is question I have yet to hear answered in any great detail:
>If a Western director was interested in adapting a Japanese novel for the
>screen, with the original author dead, but the English translator alive,
>who would the rights rest with? And secondly, is there any case of just
>this happening--a Western film based on a Japanese novel--apart from Paul
>Schrader's "Mishima"?
>And what is the opinion of the list on this film by the way? I remember it
>being quite mesmerising, mostly due to Philip Glass's score, and the
>production design, which did a nice job translating the feel of Japanese
>woodblock prints and other graphic ideas, to the screen.
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