Now that the festival season is upon us....

Joss Winn josswinn
Fri Sep 3 21:40:10 EDT 1999

> (Tony now has exclusive control over Asian films at the London Film Festival
> and National Film Theatre, has a veto option over Asian coverage in Time Out
> and Sight & Sound, while being official Asian advisor of the ICA.  The great
> shame of the Image Forum festival at the ICA this week is that it was
> initially programmed by Gregory Gordon who had a very distinctive approach
> having put a lot of research into it.  The ICA brought it Tony who changed
> 50% of the programme and now its the same old, same old.  With the exception
> of the new films, its really a retrospective to experimental film at the
> Vancouver festival over ten years.  Which is fine, but the ICA should be
> nurturing new talent like Gregory if they want a diverse film culture in the
> UK.)

Good to hear it's not just Japanese filmmakers who are complaining about
Tony Rayns' domination.........


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