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Yeh Yueh Yu yyyeh
Sat Sep 4 00:44:06 EDT 1999

The Second International Conference on Chinese Cinema

Year 2000 and Beyond: History, Technology and Future of Transnational
Chinese Moving Image Media 

Date: April 19-21, 2000
Organized by Department of Cinema-TV, Hong Kong Baptist University and
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

With the ever-increasing speed of global communication and deregulation,
Chinese moving image media is reconfiguring the networks of
transnational and cross-cultural exchange.  Film, television, video and
the internet are responding to these changes at a speed beyond our
imagination.  Co-production projects are under negotiation on a daily
basis.  They are not only based on a transnational/regional level (Hong
Kong, PRC, and
Taiwan) but also on a global scale (among US, France, China, Japan for
example).  Hong Kong film talent has gone to Hollywood to join the
global entertainment syndicate.  Taiwan TV productions utilise mainland
Chinese locations, crew, and stars.  On the other hand, PRC television
programs are becoming more popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  With cheap
video technology and internet connections, Hong Kong and Taiwan
audiences are able to watch Japanese and Korean programs.  Satellite
technology enables overseas Chinese to receive Chinese language programs
on a regular basis.  

Do these changes point to a new direction for Chinese moving image
media? Can we rely on new technology to rejuvenate the faltering
industry and market? Do we need to follow Hollywood to become more
competitive? Can we retain our Chinese identity vis a vis globalisation?
How does globalisation change our way of studying national media? 

On the occasion of the Millennium, the School of Communication at Hong
Kong Baptist University devotes its second international conference on
Chinese Cinema to the issues arising from interface between the global
and the local.  The organizing committee, the department of Cinema-TV,
has invited the Hong Kong International Film Festival to co-organize
this conference.  The conference aims to attract internationally-known
scholars, filmmakers, distributors and critics to discuss these urgent
issues in the future of Chinese transnational media. 

	As the leading media study institution in the region, School of
Communication wishes the conference to promote professional development
for Hong Kong cinema in particular and Chinese-language cinemas as a
whole, enhance intellectual exchange, and provide the opportunity for
our faculty, students to discuss vital issues with top scholars  in
Chinese electronic media in the next Millennium.  More importantly, we
hope this conference will generate new ideas and perspectives to the
future development of Chinese moving image media. 

Sample Topics

1. (Trans)national film and TV: co-production, marketing, distribution
and exhibition
2. technology
3. reception & audiences
4. historiography
5. new media aesthetics
6. cross-cultural theory and analysis
7. identity politics
8. film/TV style and genre

Please submit a 200-300 word abstract to:

Yeh Yueh-yu or Cheuk Pak Tong
Conference Coordinators
Department of CTV 
School of Communication
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2339-7395
Fax: 852-2339-7821
email: yyyeh at

Deadline: November 1, 1999

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