One Piece!

Eija Margit Niskanen eija
Sun Sep 5 07:33:54 EDT 1999

I have seen a 2-hr program of One Piece works at the monthly Pia film
theater. They are hilarious, aren't they!

At 04:55 PM 9/5/99 +0900, you wrote:
>>Has One Piece or Dancing with Hydra been screened in Japan? 
>I am not sure about screening details in Japan, but for otherS on the list,
>One Piece, is a collection of shorts that were made over a number of years
>in a collaboration between YAGUCHI Shinobu and SUZUKI Takuji.  I've heard
>there are over thirty shorts in total, each of five minutes.  Hence the ONE
>PIECE that has been subtitled and is being screened is only a partial
>representation of the full series.  Each piece is made with a stationary
>camera and shot in one long take without cuts or editing.  Having only
>heard about them and not seen them, I'd be curious to hear your impression.
>Jonathan Hall

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