Man'ei resources (E & J)

David Hopkins hopkat
Mon Sep 13 02:06:58 EDT 1999

In my newly self-appointed role helping you to spend your book funds, here 
are a couple of things I've recently come across concerning Man'ei, the 
Manchurian motion picture company that occasionally gets mentioned here.

1)???? <> ?????????? 3-2-5 
have a new book out called Man'ei; Aspects of National Policy Motion 
Pictures, or more properly ??????????? This is a Japanese 
translation of work by Chinese scholars. ?3200

2) much more exciting is a big video project by Ten Sharp Collection 
(03-5467-4771) called
Testimony of Images, Record of Manchuria, or more properly
???????????? It's a massive 30-volume video collection of Man'ei 
news and culture shorts, mainly, with only three regular "entertainments" in 
the set. I heard about this from a friend at Tenri Central Library, who said 
that at first this would only be available to libraries. I'm not sure what 
the status is now, but it certainly won't be cheap!

These are films that were found in Russia in the same cache as What Made Her 
Do It ????????????

Can't find the address but the phone number in Tokyo should help.

Happy shopping! (oh, and would you mind dubbing them all for me?)
David Hopkins
Tenri University

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