Keil Norbert nkeil
Mon Sep 13 04:44:27 EDT 1999

Hi everybody!

So this is my self-introduction to all you members of the Kinejapan mailing

My name is Norbert Keil, I'm a resident of Munich, Germany and am currently
(for three years now) working for the country's leading independent
theatrical film distributor, Kinowelt. Here I am spending my time creating
all the material for the advertising campaigns for all theatrically released
movies (about 30-35 a year). Or to put it simple: I create (together with a
lot of graphic designer vendors) everything from the movie poster to the
t-shirt and the rubber duckie.
Kinowelt releases mostly US films (such as Scream, Blade, The English
Patient, etc.) from companies like New Line Cinema and Miramax. A couple of
years ago, we had our only (and since then, last) asian films: Fallen Angels
and Chungking Express.
So basically, it's quite a nice job that pays alright and keeps me in
constant touch with the passion of my life: movies!

A year ago, I started working on my second short feature film which
premiered this May. It's called "Viergeteilt im Morgengrauen" (which
translates to "Quatered at Dawn") and is shot on 35mm and in Cinemascope.
The 14min story is full of very dark humor and concerns a young couple
making love in their car, a frantic woman who has an accident nearby and the
looney axemurderer who's chasing her. Well, I guess you should see for
yourself (if interested). You might get a chance at a festival nearby, since
I'm starting to submit it internationally right now. Any aspect that relates
to this mailing list? Hmm, the closest would be the lead actress, she's
The movie has been shown at the Germany-wide Fantasy Filmfest this year and
the reception was very well.
Some great news broke last week when my movie got picked up by Kinowelt and
will now be the official short film attatched to all 500-600 release prints
(equals an amount of 2500-3000 in the US) of "Scream 3" next April. 

Currently I'm preparing my first feature film called "Vor12" (translates to
"Before12") - a very creepy scare-movie (without any bloodshed, corpses,
killers or monsters or any Scream-like-humor) that's scheduled for shooting
next spring. Wish me luck! (I'm still looking for production money).

Why I joined this list? Simple. My love for film includes films from all
over the world, and for some years now I find films from HongKong, China and
Japan to be the most intriguing, captivating and unique. "A Chinese Ghost
Story", "The Phantom Lover", "The Killer", "Lost Paradise", "Lost and Found"
and (the most recent addition) "The Ring" range at the top of my favorite
movies-list. So, mainly, I was looking for people to share this with and
exchange info and get help looking for stuff and helping others looking for
something (if I can). 

I'm gonna let you go now, hoping that I didn't bore you too much.
Best Wishes

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