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Call for Papers:
     Between the Global and the Local:  Making Rights Claims in the
     Twentieth Century

This conference aims to bring into dialogue scholars whose work explores
the making of rights claims throughout the century from a variety of
disciplinary and geographic perspectives.  We are seeking proposals for
papers that deal with one of the following themes in any area of the
world: citizenship and rights claims, colonialism and human rights,
truth commissions and the making of truth claims, social movements and
human rights and the representation of rights claims in photography,
film and television.  Among the disciplines we hope to have represented
at the conference are anthropology, history, literature, film studies
and mass communication.  Our hope is that the conversations we have over
the two days of the conference will be as important as the individual
presentation of papers.

The conference will be held on April 28-29 on the campus of  the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  It is sponsored by the University of
Wisconsin Joint Center for International Studies at Milwaukee and

Prospective participants should send a one page, typed paper proposal
and a brief cv to the address below by December 1, 1999.  Each proposal
should clearly indicate the contact address, phone, e-mail and FAX
number of the respondent.

Send proposals to:

Mark Bradley
Human Rights Conference
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Center for International Studies
Garland 102, P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
FAX (414) 229-3626

Email: mbradley at csd.uwm.edu
Internet: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/CIS
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