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Fri Sep 24 11:21:49 EDT 1999

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Mark Schilling wrote:

> John Doughill asked regular reviewers on the list to post their reviews of
> recent Japanese films. I have done so occasionally, but have hesitated to
> post weekly because:
> 1) The reviews are, at 800 to 1,000 words, long to send as e-mail messages
> -- I'm afraid that some list members might object to the waste of
> bandwidth!
> 2) It might look as though I were trying to upstage our gracious and
> erudite list owner! Perhaps I've been in Japan too long?
> Anyway, if there is enough demand, I will consider posting reviews more
> frequently. Otherwise, enryo shimasu. Another idea, which would save
> everyone from more clutter in their mailboxes, would be for list members to
> post reviews to the main KineJapan site. But this would involve more work
> for the already over-worked folks who keep this site going. Again, enryo
> shimasu. 
> Mark Schilling (schill at 

Perhaps a separate review site should proceed. I know very little
about website construction, but a primitive one could be brought up in
a few weeks' time.  I like your reviews, and it would be nice to give
them a forum.

I have loads of spare Japanese movie reviews myself. I'll email you
when I've settled on a format for the list. 

Steve Spinali

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