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>Perhaps a separate review site should proceed

Funny you should suggest this....

I am currently preparing an online magazine devoted to Asian film. There are, obviously, many websites and print magazines which cover various aspects of Japanese, Hong Kong, and other Asian cinemas. However, none of these really cover everything I'd like to see and read. Perhaps you feel this way also.

Some, like "Asian Cult Cinema," are singularly unprofessional while others have such a narrow focus I find myself bookmarking new sites every week and spending hours and hours bouncing from site to site. Perhaps most importantly, many of things I'd want to read about aren't covered at any length at all. 

For years most Japanese films available in the United States were limited to Kurosawa, Ozu, Mizoguchi and the like...and monster/sci-fi films. Recently, as you all know, there has been an explosion of interest in chambara and gangster movies (mainly Seijun Suzuki)--but virtually nothing else. 

I think I speak for most everyone on this list when I say U.S. home video releases of Japanese films have barely scratched the surface of good films which should be released here. (Even in Japan, an astonishing number of great films have yet to be released >there< and are rarely revived.)

The purpose of this website is to increase awareness of these films and their filmmakers. I am especially excited about the opportunity to cover, in depth, genres and filmmakers largely unexplored (comedies, musicals, silent films). 

My partner in this, who has done extensive research into Chinese/Hong Kong cinema, will cover that end of things(an area of which I know virtually nothing about) and together we'll edit independently-written articles on films from India, Korea, and other parts of Asia.

The magazine will have interviews, reviews of new and old films, home video reviews, and so on.

We hope to have the site up by late-October/early-November.

I invite anyone interested in contributing articles to contact me.

Stuart Galbraith IV

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