Valerie Dhiver-Sugiura dhiver.sugiura
Fri Sep 24 17:10:29 EDT 1999

I would like to support the idea regarding posting reviews on the Kinejapan
list. As John Dougill suggests, the mark "Review with the title of the film"
seems to me clear enough for people to read it or not.
For people living outside Japan, it would be a good way to know regularly
about the releases and have a flavour of all these new films; Mark, enryo
shinaide kudasai !
>De?: John Dougill <dougill at>
>? : KineJapan at
>Objet?: Re: Reviews
>Date?: Ven 24 sep 1999 3:39

>Thank you to Aaron Gerow for this....
>> I always felt I shouldn't clutter up people's mail boxes
>>with long reviews when those who really want to read them can easily go
>>to the Kinema Club site.  Maybe I should just regularly announce what has
>>been uploaded onto the reviews site?
>My own feeling is that if a review is marked Review:(title), then anyone
>who does not want to read it can skip it.  A regular announcement with a
>link would I'm sure be of great interest and promote the cause of
>I know Mark Schilling follows the list - would he too be willing to post
>his reviews or links to them??@or any other reviewer.....
>Thanks a lot
>John Dougill
>PS Still searching for Yakusho Koji info if anyone knows anything about his

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