Lang Thompson wlt4
Sat Sep 25 00:38:54 EDT 1999

Just a couple of ideas:

If there are going to be numerous and long reviews, we could set up a
separate list just for those.  I can make one on Listbot in just a few
minutes.  (Which incidentally is great for also doing small limited-access
lists as well as large; say a list for a specific class or for participants
in a conference etc.)  The downside of course is that people would have to
subscribe separately but if posting the reviews to KineJapan is going to be
a problem then that's one option.  (Personally I'd prefer to have the
reviews on KineJapan; the more info the better.)

Also, I'd be willing to use a few selected reviews on the Full Alert Film
Review site (formerly World Cinema Review); can't do many because there
isn't enough time to update as it is.  Interviews, historical and scholarly
(as opposed to close-reading critical) pieces are even more welcome.


Lang Thompson

Full Alert Film Review (formerly World Cinema Review)

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