my rambling introduction

Rochelle Wong rochellewong
Tue Sep 28 10:28:20 EDT 1999

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to Kinema. So tell me - what do you like about Ozu, Kurosawa, and 
Miyazaki. I am currently in the process of writing a thesis on Ozu and would 
love to hear your opinions on him and Japanese cinema in general.

I am envious that you are in Japan, but hope to be there myself sometime in 
the near future. Take care.


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>Subject: my rambling introduction
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>My name is Andrew from the U.K and I'm currently living in Yamagata-ken,
>Japan, teaching english.  Having studied Film studies at College and Media
>Technology at University I developed an interest in films outside of the
>mainstream.  Since I have always had an interest in Japan I begun to search
>out the few Japanese films available on video in England and those on TV.
>The number available has been steadily increasing over the years, so I have
>had the oppurtunity to see a wide variety of Japanese films.  Now that I am
>living in Japan, my viewing choices have expanded dramatically, and I have
>joined this list to try to keep on top of what's worth watching and to 
>some of the finer details of films that I do see (my Japanese is far from
>Directors whose films I constantly enjoy are Akira Kurosawa, Takeshi 
>Yasujiro Ozu and Hayo Miyazaki.  I particularly like the minimilistic style
>of films like Yasujiro Ozu's "Late Spring" and "Tokyo Story" and Kitano's
>"Ano Natsu Ichiban Shizukana Umi".
>Recently I have enjoyed watching "Chugoku no Chojin" (Not sure of the
>directors name), all I know is the cinematographer also dis Hana-bi. And
>Shohei Imamura's "Unagi".
>I hope I can contribute something worthwhile every so often to this list.
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