David Mogendorff u01dmjm
Wed Sep 29 12:58:30 EDT 1999

Hello, I am a new subscriber to your mailing list, and as 
such I thought I would respond to your request that I 
introduce myself.  My name is David Mogendorff, I am 21 
years old, and I am in my final year at Aberdeen 
University, Scotland, studying Master of Arts in Cultural 
History.  It appears that a large part of my course this 
year is focused on cinema from around the world.  However, 
in the last few years I have found myself becoming more and 
more interested in the culture of Japan so therefore I 
think I will concentrate my efforts on Japanese film.  I 
have previous knowledge of European (and of course 
Holywood) cinema, but as yet am a complete ignoramus when 
it comes to Japanese film.  Therefore I would like to thank 
you in advance for whatever help you might put my way. . .

Spreading Lurrve around the world it's. . .
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u01dmjm at abdn.ac.uk 

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