Kyoto FF: one more thing AbeNornes
Wed Sep 29 09:24:04 EDT 1999

One more thing I forgot to mention about news from Kyoto FF. I'm sad to 
report that Eiga Shinbun is putting out its last issue next month. Eiga 
Shinbun is somewhere around 200 issues, and is basically a monthly film 
newspaper for the Kansai region. I always enjoyed reading it for the regional 
flavor, and also for the writing. They managed to get people like Ueno Koshi 
and Suzuki Shiroyasu to write on a regular basis. The combination of this 
caliber of writing, along with the informal feel of a fan-run rag, was 
wonderful. I'll miss it.

They are probably going to be putting together a bound edition of the issues 
from 101 to the end. A bound edition of 1 to 100 sold out quickly, but you 
can still run across them at used book stores.


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