Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Apr 6 01:09:22 EDT 2000

In another effort to find financing for Japanese film, a new web site,, has been created to help fund new films.  Those interested 
become member supporters (at different levels of support) and gain 
various "services" in exchange: free tickets, party invitations, 
invitation to be an extra, etc.  Taking advantage of the internet, one of 
the central services will be a section of the site where members can 
access things like: a live camera on the set during production, 
production diaries, production stills, and an address to send messages to 
the director, etc.

The first film to be produced through this system will be Miike Takashi's 
_Tengoku kara kita otokotachi_.

To check it out, here's the URL:

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