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graham lincoln graham
Mon Apr 10 16:22:15 EDT 2000

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> From:  Jasper
> Sharp

> Thanks for the information Peter,
> For those that are interested or intrigued by British censorship, my own
> private enquiries to the BBFC elicited the following two responses, which
> both seem to suggest that I'm going to have to spend a lot of time and
> effort trying to explain the artistic merits of 'Tokyo Decadence' to some
> pimply customs office in Dover should I ever feel the urge to return to
> England's grim unpleasant land.

Using Tokyo Decadence as an example perfectly illustrates the inherent
ludicrousness of the whole situation, since the film is shown regularly on
German cable channel SAT 1, which is easily available over here. Its where I
first got to see the film, but as you say I would hesitate to try to import
a copy since customs would undoubtedly seize it.

I'm also hoping someone is going to jump in and compare our situation with
that in Japan


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