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Mon Jan 31 20:01:58 EST 2000

1. (2) Shuri (Jap) Cine Quanon/Amuse 1. Y110,357,300 ($1,041,107). 16.

Hate to be the pedant, but Shuri is surely a Korean film?  Perhaps it was 
Japanese funded, I don't know.  Please cure my ignorance on this matter.
By the way, while there has been a lot of hype about Shuri, all positive 
(according to the stuff I've heard), but has there been any backlash against 
its anti-North Korean sentiment?  For a film that (superficially) has been 
touted as some kind of commentary on the North/South schism, it takes a 
fairly loaded approach.  Its (unexplainably) English introduction states 
clearly that the North started the War, and it goes further to portray the 
North Korean characters solely as programmed amoral killers.  The South 
Koreans on the other hand are seen in a positively beatific light, in their 
quest for peace and to protect their citizens.  It reminded me of the slew 
of American Rambo-esque 'nasty Russkie' flicks that swamped the '80's.  I 
for one found the approach quite offensive.  Technically and performance 
wise I thought Shuri was excellent, with production values of a Hollywood 
standard, but the screenplay also seemed to have its roots in the worst, 
most politically biased American action movies.  Has any opinion along these 
lines been expressed in reviews or other media?
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