Hitaro "Sessue" Hayakawa

Randy Man ranman
Tue Jan 4 12:51:55 EST 2000

Hayakawa's memoirs were entitled ZEN SHOWED ME THE WAY,published in 1960 by
Bobbs Merrill Co. Library of Congress catalog number: 60-13600. It lists
Croswell Bowen as an "editor" which I take to mean ghost writer. It should
be fairly easy to track down a copy either via the Internet or Interlibrary
Randolph Man
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> Thanks to S.A. Thornton and Joanne Izbicki for comments on Hayakawa.
> I think it will be useful to my friend, but I am sure he would
> appreciate
> having the reference on the biography Sybil Thornton mentioned,
> or any other material on him, for that matter.
> Of course, we will also look into leads suggested by Joanne Izbicki.
> David Lewis
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