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Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Wed Jan 5 08:41:23 EST 2000

With the release of Oshima Nagisa's Gohatto, quite a number of 
publications have featured special articles and interviews, but here are 
two special issues of Japanese periodicals that may interest people (the 
KineJun thing is really a book):

Firumumekazu 9: Oshima Nagisa. Edited by Tanaka Chiseko. Kinejun mukku. 
Tokyo: Kinema Junposha.  ISBN 4873765277.  1600 yen.


Features interviews with Oshima, Matsuda Ryuhei, Takeda Shinji, Kurita 
Toyomichi, Sai Yoichi, and Wakamatsu Koji, as well as two zadankai: one 
interesting one about politics and generational difference featuring the 
young directors Aoyama Shinji, Tsuchiya Yutaka, Suwa Nobuhiro, and Izuchi 
Kishu; and another with the more veteran Arai Haruhiko, Sakamoto Junji, 
and Matsuoka Joji.  There are articles on almost all of Oshima's films, 
plus essays by Hara Kazuo et al., and a filmography.

Another special issue is the following:

Yuriika 32.1 (2000.1): "Oshima Nagisa 2000"

The more "scholarly" of the two features one taidan between Oshima and 
Anno Hideaki (!!), another between Nakahara Masaya and Ugawa Naohiro, and 
interviews with Sasaki Mamoru, Narita Yusuke, and Kurita Toyomichi.  
There are articles by Alexandr Sokurov, Matsuda Masao, Yomota Inuhiko, 
Fukuma Kenji, Abe Kasho, Tanioka Masaki, Keith Vincent, Kotani Mari, 
Suzuki Hitoshi, Todoroki Yukiko, Sato CHihiro, Aaron Gerow, Ogura 
Mushitaro, and Tsuneishi Fumiko on a variety of topics, from Gohatto to 
Kaette kita yopparai, from sexual politics to censorship (my essay's on 
the _Ai no koriida_ court case), from Oshima on Asia to Oshima as a 
critical writer.  There are also some unpublished notes from Oshima's 
notebooks in the mid 1960s.

Anyone who has read some of these pieces or noticed others, please tell 
the list.

Aaron Gerow

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