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Jonathan M. Hall jmhall
Wed Jan 5 18:00:48 EST 2000

I think Professor Inouye and the Tufts Programs might find the work of Nick
Deocampo relevant for their concerns.  Hailing from the Philippines,
Deocampo is well travelled in the international indepdent film scene and
has strong links to the US, Japan, and countries in Southeast Asia.  His
short films, both documentary and fiction, highlight current Pilippino
national identity in relation to global exchanges frequently involving the
figure of Japan.

The later films of Hou Hsiao-Hsien (Taiwan) might also fit what you're
looking for--and would be well worth the investment as the US has never
seen proper distribution of his films.

Please don't hesitate to contact me personally if you need further information.

Jonathan M. Hall

>Dear Film People,
>    Tufts University's International Relations and International Letters and
>Visual Studies Programs will be sponsoring a conference on "Small States in
>the Changing World" this spring.  I've been asked to locate films and
>film-makers for this conference.   We're looking for films that address the
>topic of local identity in a global economy.   In particular, I'm looking
>for films from Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian
>countries.   We have resources from a Ford Grant to bring people in.  Please
>let me know if you have any good ideas.   Thank you.
>Charles Shiro Inouye
>Co-Director ILVS

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