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Fr:      Helen Weiss
         researcher for Cerebro Co., Ltd.
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Dear  Professor Brown:
      I would like to know if there are any films you can suggest with
footage that we are seeking for the project outlined below.I am conducting
archival research of films, videotapes and still photographs for an 8-part
educational documentary video series on the Japanese experience before,
during and after World War 2.  This series is being produced by Cerebro
Co., Ltd. of Tokyo.
    While I have searched the H-net Website for recent projects, I would
like to know if you are in touch with scholars or documentary filmmakers
who may have photographs or footage for the series The Japanese During the
War Period : 1931-51" currently in production A brief description of the
series follows.  However, please note that Cerebro will not be telling the
stories of Japanese Americans in North America including those who lived
in Hawaii.  They have explored those issues in an program produced several
years ago.
    The Japanese During the War Period : 1931-51E focus on the experiences
of Japanese people within Japan and what it refers to as countries where
Japan had colonial interests including:  China, Korea, Formosa, Sakhalin
and other southeast Asian countries and the Pacific Islands.
    This series will explore how Japanese people lived beginning with the
Manchurian Incident in 1931 and concluding with the end of the U.S.
occupation of Japan and the signing of the treaty of San Francisco in
    It will focus on the experiences both of the non-military including
teachers, missionaries, diplomats and journalists as well as the military.
    In terms of the military, the focus will be both on the soldiers
experiences on the front line and the families they left at home.
    Post-war 1945-51 period: the series will explore experiences of
soldiers who were imprisoned in concentration camp and refugee camps in
the Soviet Union and other countries throughout Asia.
    The following is a brief summary of the series:

The Japanese During the War Period : 1931-51
Media :              8 one-hour educational documentary video programs
Release Date:  June 2000

1) Manchurian Incident including
Development of Manchukoku                                   (1931)

2) Japan-China War and The National Draft               (1937)

3) Mongolian border war and the Celebration  of 2600th
year of the Imperial Reign                                      (1939)

4) Pearl Harbor and the General Headquarters' statements    (1941-42)

5) The Pacific war and Deploying of Students                (1943-45)

6) Battle on the mainland, the Tragedy of Okinawa & Manchukoku (1945)

7) Occupation; the life in the ruins & black markets

8) Towards Independence and Economic growth

Footage:  Cerebro Co. Ltd. is interested in finding as much footage as
possible, especially the Japanese captured film.  They are especially look
for footage of the Japanese who lived Korea and Formosa.  They are also
looking for footage and photographs in the Concentration Camps and Refugee
Camps in Manchu and in the Soviet Union after the end of World War Two.
Cerebro plans to return to some of the locations to show transformations
since the 1940s.

Please let me know if you have referrals. I will keep you updated on the
progress of the project.


Helen Weiss
e-mail:   hweisspro at aol.com
tel: 202-628-3460    mobile 202-255-0380

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