Fuji Junko/Sumiko

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Thu Jan 13 21:44:25 EST 2000

I don't think anyone has answered Stephen's question about Fuji 
Junko/Sumiko.  As far as I know, she was known as Fuji Junko ??? 
during her regular career at Toei, but then changed the characters in her 
stage name--and the reading--after she married Onoe Kikugoro and 
"retired"--precisely when I'm not sure.  It is now Fuji Sumiko ????.  
(According to KineJun, she did work on TV for a while under her real name 
Terajima Junko (or is it Sumiko?) (Terajima is Kikugoro's real name).

Speaking of Fuji, the daughter of Fuji Keiko, Utada Hikaru--who was just 
voted the top female talent in Japan--seems set on going to Columbia 
University this fall.  She's sent in her application, has straight A's, 
and the sports papers say it's "certain" she'll get in.  So is getting 
into my alma mater such an certain thing?


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