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Mon Jan 17 13:31:41 EST 2000

Back to NISHIMURA Masahiko and OTAKE Shinobu.  Since writing my last post 
about them, I've seen the former in GTO and the latter in WILL TO LIVE 
(Ikitai, directed by Shindo Kaneto).  Otake's depiction of a psychologically 
unbalanced individual in that is much more interesting than her role in THE 
BLACK HOUSE ... but perhaps I'm taking this all too seriously.

Although I'd seen Nishimura's films pre-WELCOME BACK MR MCDONALD - I'm 
thinking of Ichikawa's THE 8-TOMB VILLAGE, Itami's MARUTAI NO ONNA, etc - it 
was Mitani Koki's comedy which really brought him to my attention.  But 
since then he seems to be popping up all over the place.  And while his role 
in Suzuki's GTO and Takita's THE EXAM may be very similar, THE BLACK HOUSE 
is something completely different and the main reason to see this film by 
Morita ... even with Otake's ludicrous breasts and the amazing autonomous 
bowling balls that appear out of nowhere.  (Answers on a postcard to...)

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