Palm Springs International Film Festivals

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Mon Jan 17 14:03:12 EST 2000

Sorry, I should have posted this up earlier, but here is the information on 
the current Palm Springs International Film Festival taking place somewhere 
on the West Coast of the US of A right now.  I've contextualised the 
Japanese films among the Asian programme.  (Sorry, using my very particular 
interpretation of the word "Asian" here: no "Three Seasons" or "The Cup" for 
example.)  Any comments on the programming?

Palm Springs International Film Festival
  Tel: +1 760 322 2930
  Fax: +1 760 322 4087
  Email: info at
  Dates: 13/1/2000 to 24/1/2000
1999	Lover?s Grief over Yellow River	China
1999	Not One Less	China
1998	Mr. Zhao	China
1999	Bullets Over Summer	Hong Kong
1999	Love Will Tear Us Apart	Hong Kong
1999	Ordinary Heroes	Hong Kong
1998	Bishonen	Hong Kong
1999	When the Rain Stops (aka After the Rain)	Japan
1999	Last Day, The	Japan
1999	Manzairaku	Japan
1999	Railroad Man	Japan
1999	Shooting Star: Ryusei	Japan
1998	Ikinai	Japan
1998	Pornostar	Japan
1999	My Heart	Korea
1999	Nowhere to Hide	Korea
1999	Kite, The	Philippines
1999	Yesterday Children	Philippines
1999	Woman Soup	Taiwan

Stephen Cremin

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