Japanese DVDs with subtitles

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Sun Jan 30 23:37:18 EST 2000

>Working in an international student center, I am trying to make up a list 
>of DVDs manufactured and sold in Japan of Japanese films that include 
>English subtitles.  So far, just looking over the main sites on the net,
I have found the following films:
>Ganbatte ikimasshoi
>Midori no machi
>But has anyone noticed any other titles?  I am not interested in DVDs 
>manufacutred or sold outside Japan.  Just inside Japan.  If you know of 
>another film, please also tell me the manufacturer.
Please add "Samurai Fiction", and the special edition of Otomo Katsuhiro's 
anime "Memories" to the list.  Not sure about the former, but the latter is 
possibly Bandai Visual?  I'll check my copy at home for you if it's any 
Just as an aside, it's a shame that there's only a trickle of Japanese 
product onto the DVD market here in Japan.  I hope this changes soon.
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