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Not stupid at all. Also quite complex. Basically, a film print is
transferred to very high quality video tape using a "telecine". If the print
already has subtitles then they're already on the video copy. Otherwise,
subtitles are edited in to the high quality master. The tape is recorded
onto standard VHS tape. If they're making a DVD the video is recorded in a
high resolution digital format, then the fields are compressed using MPEG II
compression in different ways, depending on whether the DVD is for PAL or
NTSC playback. DVD subtitles are created separately as bitmaps and then
superimposed on the image by the playback machine.

Anyway, the point is that the process uses a high quality copy of the film
print and only the last stage is downconverted to a regular VHS tape. We
would be working with that tape so the quality of what we produce will
always be lower than a commercial release (unless we rip the DVD, as
described in a previous message).


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>We'll have to exchange experiences as we do this.

This may be a stupid question, but how do the big boys do it?

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