Documentary Box #14

Aaron Gerow gerow at
Thu Jun 15 23:31:33 EDT 2000

Documentary Box No. 14 (October 10, 1999) has finally been posted on the 
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival site:

This issue does not include anything specifically relating to Japanese 
film, but with several pieces on Asian film, I assume KineJapanners will 
find something of interest.

The table of contents is as follows:

1.A WAY OF SEEING (Kees Bakker)
2.An Interview with Garin Nugroho 
3.Representations of Pacific Islanders in Film and Video (Vilsoni 
4.Documentary Film in South Asia (Deepak Thapa)

Word has it that No. 15 will be on the web in a week or two.

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