P 1 Grand Prix

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Thu Jun 15 18:20:41 EDT 2000

Since a couple of days ago a question was raised about the film LOVE JUICE,
here an announcement for those who are in Tokyo next month and who want to
see the film.  

>From July 22 - 28 the Nakano Musashino Hall will present the first "P 1
Grand Prix", a program with 16 pink eiga of recent years. 8 young directors
will compete with 8 veteran directors in a knock-out system for the first P1
Grand Prix. The programm is a good opportunity to see some of the more
interesting pink eiga  of late and to campare the films of the  acclaimed
shitenno-directors with their former assistant directors Tajiri, Imaoka,
Ueda, Meike, Enomoto or Sakamoto. Don't miss the chance!
(My private favourite beside Tajiris LOVE JUICE is Sakamoto Rei's debut SEX

Roland Domenig
Institute for Japanese Studies
Vienna University

The following films will be shown at the P1 GRAND PRIX program:



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